Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Bichon Frise Grooming

Hi Everyone from a Sunny Fall Day in Pennsylvania! I just got done dog walking my two Authentic Bichons from France Bella (my girl bichon) and Reve (my boy bichon) and Howard came running out of the house and stopped me by our mailbox where we have a beautiful Firebush that is gleaming red in all its glory. 

Bella and Reve were recently groomed and Boy does it show!  We keep our Bichons in a traditional French Bichon Show Cut to best showcase their world class, exotic features.  I keep them as long as can be, as elegant as possible. Our dogs are groomed like the Lion Dog Family, from which they come. The Lion has a majestic bib that grows down over the chest. He also has a mane that grows off the neck and both are carefully sculpted and kept well manicured. It takes months to develop a coat like this but its really worth the elegant look. For little white dogs, their fur flows when they walk, it is so supple and quite silky.

A great groom really sets our French Bichons apart from all their American Bichon cousins who tend to have more curly, wiry type coats as many of them have some poodle in them or just inferior fur quality. Still some dog owners decide to keep their adult Bichons in a puppy cut when puppy cuts are really for puppies, not adults.  Of course the average Bichon dog owner may not have expert Bichon dog fanciers to recommend them certain grooms as we do here.

We recommend our Clients the correct grooming advice for adults. Of course we counsel them on puppy cuts too but only for their puppies. Once the adult look starts setting in, say around 10 months old, we help them achieve and grow the proper adult coat. Our fine Bichon dogs merit the best look its owners could achieve and we never ever shave such a high quality coat!

Our French Bichon adults are pure bright white and Frisé (frizzy). Finding a great groomer is key and it may take some time but it is really worth the effort. 

Can you tell how happy Bella and Reve are in their picture!  These two French Bichon Frise dogs are really the light of our lives.  It is especially fun to curl up with them by our fireplace and watch TV in the evening as it gets dark so early this time of year. It is really a moment to look forward to at the end of the day when we are all together enjoying the warmth of a fire with our Bichon Frise right by our sides! There is nothing like basking in the warm glow of the love and companionship that our French Bichon Frise provide for us each and every day.  I hope everyone gets to experience this wonderful feeling at least once in their life! Stay tuned for our next Authentic French Bichon Frise adventure.