Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Adopting a Boy for our Resident Adult Female

Today my male Bichon Frisé from France, Reve (meaning dream in French and pronounced Rev in English), woke me up by climbing onto my pillow and plopping his head right on top of my head, then licking my face enthusiastically.  What a great way to wake up, surrounded by all that softness, happiness, warmth and Love!

Reve, our second French Bichon came into our life four years ago and we love him dearly.  Of course, we love our other Authentic French Bichon Bella just as dearly and had loved Mokihonolulu, who went to RainbowBridge.  It was an interesting  journey for me to bring a second French Bichon Frisé puppy home to our resident adult and into our hearts and that is what I wanted to share with everyone today.

For years our clients have been purchasing two, three and even four Bichons fromFrance at one time.  InFrance, by now, some of our French clients have returned for their sixth pup during our 35 years of breeding excellence. Here in America, other clients have come back to us two, three even four years later and told us they wanted to add a second or third or fifth Authentic Bichon fromFrance into their hearts and their home.  We frequently get updates from these clients along with pictures and greeting cards during the holidays and wow it really hit me what Great Fun they are having with two or three or even four Bichons in their lives!

The great happiness that my clients were experiencing really encouraged us to open our heart to a second Authentic French Bichon and WOW are we glad we did!  Reve is the first boy Bichon Frise we have ever owned and what a joy he is!  He is also quite a character the way he follows us around and loves on us.  He is such a little lover we can’t imagine life without all his affection and companionship!  Reve and my Bella get along fabulously and as it turns out they are related as they have the same father, Nokaido, a majestic dog in our kennel inFrance.  After four years we are so happy with our Bichon family and we look forward to many more years of fun and happiness together!