Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Bichon Fanciers Stop in their Vehicles

I had the most marvelous experience last week, before the big storm here on the east coast, while walking my two Authentic French Bichons down Main Streetin the town where I live.  We started down on one side of the street and walked about a mile then switched sides of the street.  Along the way I met a lot of people and kids who stopped me in my tracks to admire my two Bichon Frises.  Our Bichons are SO warm, friendly and welcoming that it is almost impossible not to be stopped by someone who wants to meet them or just wants to admire their show cut groom that I keep them in, just like their parents inFrance.

Well the most unusual thing occurred on this day!  Just as we were about to end our walk a man passed on a bicycle and said, “WOW! Are those Bichon Frises?”  I said, “Of course!”  He went on to tell me that he has been a proud Bichon owner for many, many years.  He went on to tell me how beautiful my Bichons looked and how their show groom made them look really exceptional.  And just as he rode away a woman stopped her car right in the middle ofMain Streetand leaned out of the window of her car and yelled “Bichon Frises!”  I yelled back “Oh, yes and they are both fromFrance!”  She said she owned several Bichons but never saw any Bichons as beautiful as mine!  I was really flattered and wished her and her Bichons well!

What an incredible experience that I will never forget!!  Meeting two Bichon fanciers within seconds of each other was really special.  Hearing their praises of my two Bichons was the icing on the cake!  Truly a walk to remember!

I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and walking my two Authentic French Bichons is always the perfect ice breaker.  There is nothing more special than seeing the joy in peoples eyes as they admire and pet my two Bichons.  I just don’t know who has more fun…the people we meet…me…or my two Bichons who love everyone!