Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Bichon Frise are Your Second Skin

I was eating lunch at the dining room table and our two French Bichons were perched on their own chairs at the table with me. I looked down at my watch and realized I had only ten minutes to finish my meal and be out the door, for an appointment downtown. I also knew I had to take my French Bichons Frisé out to potty before I left so that they could be comfortable in my absence.  Finishing my lunch, taking them out and then waiting for them to do their duties could cause me a delay ….and I could be late for my appointment!

I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the sliding glass door that leads to my fenced in back yard was opened for some fresh air.  Then I looked at my Bichons sitting at the table with me. Still seated, I pointed toward the open door and gave the command. “Everybody OUT!”  “PEE PEE!”  They both jumped off their chairs and lined up in follow-the-leader formation, walked through the kitchen all by themselves, proceeded out the door and down the steps and did their duties!  In about a minute or two, they returned in the same formation, as they had exited.   I told them ‘good girl!’ ‘good boy!’ as they returned to the table, each jumping up onto a chair to resume their positions. I never had to leave the table.   They are so awesome!

I finished my meal, put the plate into the dishwasher, shut the sliding glass door and locked it, then proceeded to my car, jumped in and drove away…………….I was right on time for my appointment!  Bichons rule!