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Authentic French Bichon Reviews

I feel so blessed to have not only one, but two French Bichons to love. Originally, my plan was to adopt one, male Bichon. In part, because I was an “aunt” to one a number of years ago so I was familiar with the breed and gender. I knew what a little lover the males are. After having spoken to Maria in May, 2014 my husband and I decided that one male and one female would be ideal for not only us but for the dogs as well. The simple fact that they have a playmate with each other is wonderful. I do not work outside of the house and so I am with the pups all day. With that in mind, I still have chores to do, we have projects under way(redecorating our house) and we travel quite a lot. The pups play with each other while I am busy with the things I need to get done and I feel relaxed when we are on vacation knowing they have each other while they are at their sitter’s house. Their sitter by the way, LOVES them!

I am very fortunate as my husband, Alan (who is a very busy neuro trauma physician) came home from work one day prior to making the final decision to adopt and said very excitedly ”we need to do this”. We have never looked back. Alan spends time with them after work and loves to take them to the cafe on weekend mornings. I know he is “proud as punch” of them. Having a male and a female enhances our lives. Alan and I do not favour one gender over the other. We observe and marvel in their differences. Jolie is independent, sassy, very pretty, petite, feminine, very athletic, playful, when she decides to outrun Beau Jeste she has no problems and she is very clever! Beau Jeste is very obedient, loving, intelligent, loves the outdoors, loves the beach, loves to play in the snow, water and enjoys hanging out with men. He is such a stud! We could not imagine not having either one of them! We sure do receive ALOT of attention when we are out and about as well! I find it quite humorous when some ask what breed they are and are surprised when I tell them Bichons. I have opted thus far for the 'French look' which I suppose is where the confusion comes in. All in all, they are GORGEOUS!

The Drs. Weintraub

Deborah W., Holistic Doctor

It's a lot better and easier having two French Bichons, than it is one.

We had César for just about one year when I realized that he needed a companion for intervals throughout the day when we could not be his companion. Even though both my husband and I work at home together, there are times when we cannot be interrupted for "puppy playtime." I am the alpha dog and César is my lover boy - so cuddly and sweet and I enjoy that. But sometimes he just needed more attention than I or my husband could give him. I was thinking of César's wellbeing when I suggested to my husband that we adopt another puppy.

We are not super wealthy people so the decision for us to bring home another "Bichon from France” Bichon was a serious one. In addition to the financial question, my husband was concerned that having two dogs was going to be lots of work. I think he thought I was a bit crazy! We only ever had one dog at a time and only two dogs prior at that - neither one a Bichon. I was also concerned that César would forsake me in favor of one of his kind. Everything couldn’t be more the opposite!

We got a girl, and even though she and César are not litter mates, they know each other as like kind - as Bichons. César treats Cécile with such care - he protects her and allows her to be in charge when she want to. But the way they play with each other is so funny and wonderful to watch. Dogs play together in a way that humans cannot play with them because we don’t know how and we don’t want to get nipped that often! People comment on our two all the time saying they cannot believe that they are so good together. Even a friend who is a long time dog owner highly encouraged us to get the second dog.

But the best part is that, even though my husband didn’t realize he wanted this, we now have a dog for each of us and he is enjoying that a lot. Even though they are together all the time when we cannot pay attention to them, as soon as we are available, they come right to us. The care is not double, in fact it is much easier than we ever imagined, because they take care of each other a lot. And best of all, César has not in any amount forsaken me in any way. He is still as lovey and cuddly as ever. He has his sister when he can’t have me, but chooses me every time when I am available.

So, based on my personal experience, I would recommend that you wait no longer, but hurry to adopt your second French Bichon. We wish we had done it sooner.

Judy C., Musician & Instructor

Alexandra L, Dallas, TX
We made it home. Harley and Lola were fabulous travelers! Lola likes to be near Harley. Arabelle has been very polite to both babies and has already used the "I can jump out of your reach technique". Higgins just got here. I sent you a video not as nice as yours... Did you get it?? If not I'll try sending it again tomorrow. It was great seeing you both. And we will take good care of the babies.


Alexandra L, Dallas, TX

Alexandra L, Dallas, TX

I have attached a photo of Tony's wonderful work. From left to right:

Higgins, Lola, Arabelle and Pataud

Alexandra and Robert

Alexandra L, Dallas, TX

Alexandra L., Dallas, TX

Pataud (Harley) joining in on a family baking session!! When he is not baking he has his own spot on top of the kennel.

Alexandra L., Dallas, TX

Liz W., Bachelorette

Here's our happy bunch. I'm afraid three Authentic French Bichons is my max at the moment, but I tell you, I love my girls very much but little Pippin, the male, is the best dog ever. That's him second from left.

Liz W., Bachelorette

Alicia J., Homemaker, California/CT

I thought you might like to see a new picture of my handsome boy. He is the best and such a comfort to me. My husband, Ray, passed away about 18 months ago and I don't know what I would have done without the comfort that Cooper gives. Just wanted to let you know.

Alicia J., Homemaker, California/CT

Marianne Z., RN, PA
Stella is such a beauty. 15 weeks old

Marianne Z., RN, PA

We have two beautiful male bichons, about four months apart (same father, different mothers). We are seriously considering a female from the latest litter. Our dogs (Honorable Lord Tullamore and Innis John Jameson) are THE BEST dogs ever!!

We completely and without reservation recommend - Pennsylvania USA. We are completely satisfied in every aspect of our ownership of these magnificent dogs!! We would love to add a girl to our "family" and complete our dream.

Kristin S., Respiratory Therapist, PA

Hi Maria! Ruby is 10 years old and she is the love of my life I am so grateful for this beautiful baby...You definitely have the worlds BEST bichons!!

Donna R., RN, NJ

I just wanted to let you about Puddin. She is an amazing puppy, super confident and super affectionate. Tons of energy. She seems to never stop and she is so quick. I go into the closet and think that I'm by myself, leave, close the door and turn around and there she is as happy as could be with a stolen sock. I never even saw her go into the closet.

My grown children are obsessed with her. She is just so playful and so much fun. You said that your Bichons from France are very special dogs and I can attest to that. Bob and I are constantly amazed by her. She has a tremendous zest for life and is a joy to be around. If only, we could keep up.

Puddin plays in our yard when we are at our house on the weekends. It's as if she was born a country dog. She loves to dig in the dirt and hide her (rawhide) bones in one of the many holes that she digs. Then a day later, she'll find the bone that she hid. Fortunately, the dirt doesn't stick and you would never know that she had been an enthusiastic digging dog just a couple of hours before because she is totally clean again. She stays so white!

I hope that you are doing well. We had a lovely day when we picked up our Puddin from you and we've had a very fine time with her since. Thanks for our wonderful little puppy.

Diane C., Homemaker, New York

Mrs. Eisaman, Homemaker, PA
"Beau is doing great! He loves everyone and everyone loves him! We get comments all the time on what a beautiful Bichon he is! Beau is very loving, happy and intelligent. He keeps his parents on their toes at all times. We cannot imagine our lives without him."

Mrs. Eisaman, Homemaker, PA

Sue E., Retiree, California/Kansas
“What a special little dog we have in Miss Francie
She is bright, funny, playful and calm and loving!!
I think my husband is in love with a new girl!
We did very well at Eby’s house. Francie was exhausted from play with her Havanese, Alfie, who loved her and was so sad when she left.
She is everything you promised, even more!!
She slept thru the night.
She has taken a day and a half to acclimatize to her new surroundings here in California where the time is different.
But the big thing is that I think she is catching on to going potty outside already…she went last night and this morning and did both and just now went to the door to go
poopie again…the little potty place I set up is very close and she can just run to it when she needs to go.
I have the kitchen and the breakfast room etc all blocked off so she has lots of room and then I have a pen that she can go into when we leave.
I think she likes the grass and the time outside. It is chilly but okay.
Took her for a golf cart ride yesterday and of course held her closely, I think she liked that a lot…
Also another interesting thing I have noticed is that she can see herself in the mirror.
From a distance she could see herself in the sliding mirrored doors across the hall. She also sees her reflection in the sliding glass doors and loves to look at herself….all sliders in this house.
Thanks for all your pointers and training. We are off to a good start…thanks to you.
Great meeting you!!
Love and thanks,

Sue E., Retiree, California/Kansas

I just want you to know how much we are enjoying our Beau! Everyone loves him as he is so sweet, affectionate and friendly! Did I forget to mention feisty too? He was 3 months on Friday and growing fast. I will send you some photos later as we are in the car and Beau is with our friend / dog sitter for a few hours. He loves her! We are going to Enroll him in puppy obedience class too!

Sharon E., RN

Sharon E., RN

I love it, and I just LOVE our Romeo! Romeo is adorable, and we have taught him so many tricks, so SMART! We are so hoping to have a home one day soon, and get a sister from you for Romeo, and call her Juliette. We would like her by the end of summer. Romeo is such an sweet stable dog, and we both think a sister would keep him company. He is the love of our lives, and our entire family. Tom's elderly parents just love him, and he is the sunshoine of their lives. Thanks for making all this possible. HUGS DONNA

Donna, RN, PA

Giselle and I are still in training. We are both progressing. Lisa, the trainer comes to our house and everything is positive reinforcement....none of the Caesar stuff on TV. Lisa tells me that she is so glad I found her and not one of the other trainers around, who might dampen her enthusiasm for life. Giselle has a precious personality....quite the party girl. She loves people, other dogs and isn't afraid of anything. If she is awake, she is busy. She loves stalking the squirrels and doves in the back yard. I'm hoping she doesn't catch one. She is pretty fast.

Betty R. D., Senator's Office, Arkansas

I just wanted to say that Alex is beautiful and so smart. I have had bichons for the last 26 years and they were wonderful. But no matter where I take Alex, someone stops me to comment on his confirmation and looks. I have never had a bichon that was that noticeable that people would stop me and comment on the looks and confirmation. He is perfect. Even though he is not show trained, when he stands, he stands in show stance with those little legs set apart. We took him to introduction to agility today and he really enjoyed that and walked up ramps, through tunnels and jumped over jumps and through rings. I am thinking about taking him to classes for that, not for competition but just for exercise and fun for him. He has a friend that we went through two training sessions with and he went with us so they love to play together. But I really have to say, that if anyone wants a bichon, there is NO where else to get one except from Bichons From France. Again, there is no where I go that someone does not comment on him.

Anna N., Attorney, Florida

Ariel graced our lives back in December 2005. We now live in Surprise, Arizona. She is very unique out here for a Bichon Frisé. The Bichons Frisés out here pale in the breed standards compared to her.

Paul and Linda H., Accountant, Arizona

What a wonderful experience working with you has been in regards to our puppy. He truly is beautiful and a joy to have. You could not have picked a better one for us! I wasn't sure that you really meant it when you said you would have Antonin watch the puppies for two months to see which one would be the smallest male. I really wanted one as small as possible within breed standard and it's obvious that you hand picked him for me. Your help and instruction to get him off to the right start have been invaluable. YOU REALLY DO DELIVER EVERYTHING YOU PROMISE—A RARITY IN TODAY'S WORLD. Thank you!

Debbie F. - Homemaker, Virginia

We are all doing fine. We love our two little "darlings" and they are keeping us busy. They love each other so much. Brie is in charge and Chaz is Tom's buddy.

Tom & Jeanne K. - Pharmacy Director, Florida

All my life I have had large dogs, and when my wife expressed to me that she wanted a Bichon, I was hesitant. I have to honestly say that out of all the dogs I have owned in my lifetime, Cotton is ranked number 1. She is the best dog I have ever owned, and above all she is very intelligent and loving. My children love her. Thanks for everything.

Michael R. - Tanning System Franchisor, New Jersey

Little Tink is an angel-she is so sweet. Our dog, Belle has adopted a 'mother' role towards her which is lovely to watch.

Sheila W. - Author, Texas

Skipper is 'full-of-beans', irrepressible ~ I am going to sample his food! He has our household well-trained to his unique specs! THANK YOU for the mad, mad little character Skipper is ~ he already sits, lies-down, stays, begs for treats & jumps rope & comes when called. Skipper is the MOST INTELLIGENT DOG we have ever met, his capacity for learning is amazing ~ training him is doubly rewarding for us all.

Claire P. - Owner, Property Management, California

Just a note to let you know that Gigi and I are doing well and are happy as two bugs in a rug. She is the joy of my life and I love her so-o-o much. She is a wonderful companion!! Everyone in my neighborhood thinks she is adorable. My friends are more interested in seeing her than seeing me….Thank you for making all this possible. Dealing with you has been a MOST GRATIFYING EXPERIENCE. I am thinking about the possibility of another little puppy next year. It would be great company for Gigi.

Cecilia M. - Retiree, Connecticut

Abby & Astro are doing fine. They are so very well behaved. They love to wrestle and chase each other. Thanks again for the beautiful babies! Gary and I have become very attached to these little guys and we thank you again for bringing us together!

Danielle A. - Self-Employed, Pennsylvania

We have all fallen in love with Chevalier Higgins… Arabelle (our other puppy, also from you) included. Thank you for bringing these bundles of joy into our lives. Higgins is a beautiful puppy and he has such a fantastic personality. Arabelle has been a fantastic role model and playmate; they are getting along so very well. I am so happy to have them BOTH as PART OF OUR LIFE!

Mrs. L. & Family - Real Estate, Texas

Annabella is wonderful. She is with me all of the time and has easily become the love of my husband and OUR lives. She is very smart and is learning new things all of the time. She goes everywhere with us including out to dinners at restaurants and to all of our friends houses. The vet says that she is a very strong healthy girl. We just love her.

Mrs. Badalamenti - Self-Employed, Florida

It's been a long time and I wanted to update you on my beautiful Bichon Ruby. She is truly a joy to me and the whole family! People actually stop me in the streets when I take her for a walk and tell me they have never seen a dog that is so snow white and perfect!!! The story I most want to share is something that just happened to me last week...I was staying at my Mom's house with the family last week and my Mom's friend came to visit with her Bichon. She took one look at Ruby and told me that she used to own a pet store in prestigious Colt's Neck New Jersey and had a lot of knowledge about dogs. She went on to tell me how my Bichon Ruby was a "Show Quality Bichon" and her Bichon was a "Pet Store Quality Bichon" She was truly in awe of Ruby and never saw a Bichon that was so perfect! I think the above story really tells you all you need to know about the quality of Bichon Puppies that are available through your service. Thank you again for our beautiful Ruby, WE LOVE HER and PLEASE keep In touch.

Donna K. - Dental Hygienist, New Jersey

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how Viesha and I are getting along. She is so good. I don't believe I have ever had a dog like her. She does not cry and seems to be adjusting to her new home and mommy quite well.

Cherisse L. - Owner, Fitness Company, Colorado

Hope this finds you well. Just having a love fest with Miss Lily & wanted to tell you for the 100th time....what a fabulous, sweet, smart, affectionate pup she is! Thank You AGAIN for this beautiful dog!!!

Nancy L., Retiree, Dun & Bradstreet, North Carolina

Jacques is doing great! What a smart dog. Totally house trained. He has fit right in to become a loving member of our family. We had an uneventful trip back to Florida with our new family member. He traveled very nicely. What a great pup! He has fit right in with hardly a blink of the eye. He is so animated and smart.

Dr. Kurt B. - Orthopedic Surgeon, Florida

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we love our pup. She is the sweetest dog. I took her to be groomed for the first time last week, the groomer didn't have too much faith in Bichons UNTIL SHE MET OUR DOG! She could not believe her fine disposition! When I went to pick her up, everyone at the pet groomer raved about how pleasant she was. After having this dog, we're all spoiled, she really is a pleasure. She loves the kids. My little son reads to her and sometimes I think she actually sits and listens! Thanks for everything, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Mary T. - Homemaker, New Jersey

My little guy is doing great. I have taken to calling him Buddy, but I don't know yet if that name will stick. He did great in the crate last night. Just a few minutes of fussing until he settled down for a good night's sleep. He is very active and has been having fun with his new toys which he attacks with great energy. He seems to have a very sweet temperament. Thanks again.

Eileen P. - Retired Biostatistician, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Johnson & Johnson), New Jersey

THANK YOU... And again to you... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! We love Vevina with everything we have..Angel loves her with all of her being....They are so fun together... I am so in love with her...Everyone that has met her is shocked about her tiny size... Thank you again... Vevina is just fantastic. She is so funny. If she isn't barking at her own reflection from the fireplace glass doors then she's throwing her toys up in the air and trying to catch them. It's hysterical. I swear she does it because we laugh in hysterics... Her and Angel are the best of friends. I love it. This past Saturday, she took part in Delaware's 2nd Annual Beachwalk for Animals. She wore her beautiful Ruby Red (her birthstone) Rhinestone collar and Tag. She was a hit! The walk itself is the length of the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach and back (2miles). What a trooper... She did the whole walk without stopping for potty or water... She loves being outside and what's funnier is that she enjoys hanging out in the rain when Angel (who's older) will not dare go out if it is pouring. Vevina is fearless. She and I play alot. She's got me running around chasing her or her chasing me around the house or backyard.... I end up on the floor from exhaustion and then she licks my face to death. She's the best...

Peter M. - Vice President Client Services, Pennsylvania

Angel has now taken up residence in Illinois and has bonded with Stephanie. We told her to talk to Angel in French and English while I think Isabelle will talk only in French. So we will have a bilingual puppy. Stephanie has shown her new puppy to several friends and everyone is enchanted with her.

Don J. - Chief Economist, Illinois

Bella is the love of our lives. She is great. She weighs about 9 lbs and is so cute. We went to New York to visit my sister on Lake Ontario - She travels very well. I guess I am just amazed at the love I feel for this dog.

Dawn B. - Registered Nurse, Vermont

Vivien has been coddled, spoiled, simply ruined. She has met the fish. She has handled each one of us differently. She is as smart as a whip. She handled 5, 6, 8 year old grandchildren who were all on edge because I was so stricken. She held off the ones that couldn't handle her, she kissed to death the others. She is truly a marvelous healer. She seems to have every virtue of the breed…all rolled up into one puppy is an amazing feat. It is a privilege to know her, and love her. She has changed so many lives in such a short time. The dog's intuitiveness is a wonder to behold. I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU for putting me together with her. She lifts our life.

….She has also filled out nicely to a clean 10 pounds and has a really cute face with big eyes and what is almost a smile for everyone. She is the appropriate 1/3 longer than high with bright white fur. She is quite a good looker. Vivienne has no tear stain issues at all, like almost all of the bichons we run into here. We went to the local Western Pennsylvania Dog Show and watched the bichons compete…I feel she was a better conformed and more attractive dog than those we saw shown. I personally really like Vivienne's face without all the stains we see on the other show animals. Also, her coat seems lighter and whiter than most of the other dogs we saw and I prefer her TINY size to much larger bichons. Lastly, she is perkier and more energetic than any of the dogs we saw shown…We did enjoy comparing Vivienne to these "show" animals.

Julie & John W. - Retiree, Pennsylvania

Maria, you are absolutely terrific. Thanks, Maria! Voxie is doing great. She is so much fun. Voxie is a sweet, sweet puppy!!! She is happy with everyone. She is fun and playful! We are happy to have her. So cute! Yesterday morning, Bill took her upstairs with him to wake up the kids for church. That really surprised me! He really likes this dog, too!

Cheryl H. - Homemaker, Pennsylvania

Thank you God for Val! Maria, your business is a-mazing in its rapid growth and success. I am so happy for you. You have worked very hard and do a terrific job. Val is so beautiful and smart and very, very funny!!! She now has a trainer that is training her and especially her owners. She had become the absolute boss and was calling all the shots. Her trainer told us that she is very smart, sweet, and loving and has a very dominant personality so we had better get a grip! ….The V passed her interview to be a day camper at Miss Daisy's Dog Camp For Spoiled Dogs….. It is hilarious and a wonderful facility. She exhausted all the other little campers and herself. Three other Bichons were there but NONE as beautiful as Val.

Barbara D. - Realtor, Texas

Your slogan….”Nothing is better than the original.” This is so true.

My husband and I are very happy with our new addition to our family. Our puppy, Lilly, is very loving, intelligent, and playful. Our vet is very impressed with how she is progressing and how healthy she is. Our groomer is very impressed with what a beauty she is. Lilly attracts attention when we go for walks and people come up to us to meet her.

We had two bichons in the past that unfortunately had serious health problems and it was very heart-breaking for us. We are so glad for the opportunity to finally have a happy healthy bichon to care for, for a long time to come.

Cindi M. - Nurse

I want to take the time to thank you (Bichons From for the absolutely wonderful service and baby Bichon that we got from you. I could not have asked for better communication and service. When I came on your website, like a lot, I was a little nervous about buying over the internet, especially a puppy. But as soon as I sent out an email to you with my request, you called me personally right away and answered all my questions. You kept me informed every step of the way while we waited for the birth and then called me immediately. I cannot say enough about your service. But one of the really deciding points on why I would purchase a puppy from you was the fact that you would not ship the dog. It had to be picked up personally. Other sites give you shipping rates and you were the only one that would not ship. It told me everything that I needed to know about your Bichons, they were very special. And when I picked up my little Alex, he was worth the wait. He is so special. I wanted the smallest male and you picked him out for me and he is so perfect. He is so smart and just beautiful in every way. There is no other place to get a Bichon. God Bless you .

Anna N. - Attorney, Florida