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Dog Walking in Downtown Bethlehem, PA

According to instinct, birds fly, elephants roam and a dog, as an animal, is a natural walker. Walking your dog is an important ritual in keeping him mentally stable. It’s important to walk your dog in order to release its mental and physical energy and keep him/her in overall sound condition.  Expending his energy will also make him sleep well through the night. Sleeping through the night is especially important for puppies that have boundless energy. Start walking your new puppy right away and not only will they learn to love to walk on a leash but they will have a more restful sleep!

Walking our French Bichons is always very eventful and we have our preferences for where to walk. I love to walk our French Bichons onMain Streetin downtown Historical Bethlehem; it is a busy shopping street with ample shade, benches and dog friendly cafés.  Many store owners put water bowls out for the dogs and all the buildings and streets are well maintained, similar to a proper little European village. I can expect to meet many chic people who stop to chat, and who appreciate and admire our fine French Bichons.

Walking our French Bichons where there are lots of people allows our dogs and ourselves boundless attention. Our chic French Bichons act as ice breakers for people to approach us and boy do they ever! We could expect to talk with more than two dozen passers-by on each walk. I can’t tell who enjoys the attention more…me or our dogs…or the passers-by!

I never saw so many dogs parading onMain Streetbefore as after a recent holiday parade. I counted about 100 dogs in that parade and it was a warm and sunny day so many of the dog owners were hanging out and talking that day. We saw many breed types passing by as we had gathered at a nearby café. Our dogs were so happy to say ‘hello’ as each passed by our table!

French Bichons are very gentle, calm and curious; they love to sniff baby carriages and greet other dogs along the way. In fact, they greet everyone as though they have known them for a long time. These dogs have very favorable, happy temperaments.

Walking downtown is such a great, proper social event that our dogs and I really enjoy. But they could need to do their business so be sure you take your supplies like a Ziploc bag.  Place the bag over your hand inside-out, pick up what you need and turn the bag right side out, seal it and deposit it in the nearest trash can. So get up and get out and take a walk with your best four legged friend…….I know they and you and will enjoy it!

Your New Puppy – The Big Day is Almost Here!

Your pick-up day here at the Authentic Bichons fromFranceheadquarters inPennsylvaniais always a very memorable day!  In fact, many clients tell us it was the most exciting day of their entire adoption experience, one they will be sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Before you bring home your tiny French Bichon Frisé pup, it’s important to prepare the home for the puppy’s comfort and safety. Puppies are very curious about everything. Store all household chemicals behind locked cabinetry or move them elsewhere. Raise up houseplants out of puppy’s reach and if they’re on the toxic list, discard them altogether. Unplug, tape or tie up lamp and all other cords and keep puppy out of your computer desk area if at all possible. A puppy’s teeth are razor sharp and they love to chew as they are young and still teething.  Just know that they can sever electronics cords in a matter of seconds.

Once your tiny pup learns that the cheese lives in your refrigerator please pay close attention when you close the refrigerator door. Keep all closet and bedroom doors closed as a tiny pup that is teething loves to chew on leather shoes, a habit he will grow out of upon becoming an adolescent.

Puppy proofing your home also means it’s a great time to get the kids to clean their bedrooms. Temporarily remove any books from lower shelving units. Keep all household doodads out of your new pet’s reach. This includes medicines, pins, paper clips, crayons, etc.

Make sure everyone knows how to properly handle your pet. Emphasize certain rules such as ‘no feeding puppy at the table” and “no bothering the puppy at its mealtime.”  Remember to book your wellness appointment with your Veterinarian.

Finally, on or before pick-up day, set up puppy’s new bowls in the kitchen or service area. Have the recommended dog food handy. Place your crate or exercise pen in the common area and put a throw rug, blanket or pad inside. Don’t forget the small squeaky toys and place your new puppy beds. Pack your travel tote if you’re flying in for your new puppy or prepare the vehicle and re-charge your GPS!

It is important not to overwhelm yourself with how the puppy will adjust. Our French Bichon puppies are so calm, healthy and happy that they will run to the nearest bed to find their new toys and acclimate themselves to your home within a few minutes time. With our well bred, stable, French Bichon Frisé puppy, there is zero transition into the new home.

We look forward to seeing you on your pick-up day soon!!

Bichon Fanciers Stop in their Vehicles

I had the most marvelous experience last week, before the big storm here on the east coast, while walking my two Authentic French Bichons down Main Streetin the town where I live.  We started down on one side of the street and walked about a mile then switched sides of the street.  Along the way I met a lot of people and kids who stopped me in my tracks to admire my two Bichon Frises.  Our Bichons are SO warm, friendly and welcoming that it is almost impossible not to be stopped by someone who wants to meet them or just wants to admire their show cut groom that I keep them in, just like their parents inFrance.

Well the most unusual thing occurred on this day!  Just as we were about to end our walk a man passed on a bicycle and said, “WOW! Are those Bichon Frises?”  I said, “Of course!”  He went on to tell me that he has been a proud Bichon owner for many, many years.  He went on to tell me how beautiful my Bichons looked and how their show groom made them look really exceptional.  And just as he rode away a woman stopped her car right in the middle ofMain Streetand leaned out of the window of her car and yelled “Bichon Frises!”  I yelled back “Oh, yes and they are both fromFrance!”  She said she owned several Bichons but never saw any Bichons as beautiful as mine!  I was really flattered and wished her and her Bichons well!

What an incredible experience that I will never forget!!  Meeting two Bichon fanciers within seconds of each other was really special.  Hearing their praises of my two Bichons was the icing on the cake!  Truly a walk to remember!

I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and walking my two Authentic French Bichons is always the perfect ice breaker.  There is nothing more special than seeing the joy in peoples eyes as they admire and pet my two Bichons.  I just don’t know who has more fun…the people we meet…me…or my two Bichons who love everyone!

We Dig Customer Feedback!

We love to hear from my customers to see how they and their Authentic French Bichon(s) are getting along! We also love to see beautiful photography and it’s true a picture is worth a thousand words, and some people are particularly good at capturing beauty with a camera.  We hear regularly from a client in Dallas, TXwho purchased a second Bichon from us a while back.  They wrote to tell us again how much they LOVE their two Bichons and how much they liked my new website . She also asked us about introducing another puppy. They sent along more beautiful pictures so we attached one here so you can all see the beauty of our wonderful French Bichons at maturity and how they provide us with years and years of love and companionship. The rest of Arabelle’s and Higgins’ photos could be found in the Adult Photo Gallery.

My heart swelled up and I felt so much joy for their entire family and their two Bichon Frise fromFrance.  If you are thinking about welcoming your first Authentic French Bichon into your heart and home or if you are considering a second or third companion French Bichon Frisé to keep your resident adult Bichons active and going strong into middle and old age, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and giving me a call at 610-262-1142.  First time clients please click and complete our Adoption Application on our website which is found on the green tool bar, accessible on every page.  We look forward to making the dream of owning an Authentic Miniature French Bichon come true for you!

Adopting a Boy for our Resident Adult Female

Today my male Bichon Frisé from France, Reve (meaning dream in French and pronounced Rev in English), woke me up by climbing onto my pillow and plopping his head right on top of my head, then licking my face enthusiastically.  What a great way to wake up, surrounded by all that softness, happiness, warmth and Love!

Reve, our second French Bichon came into our life four years ago and we love him dearly.  Of course, we love our other Authentic French Bichon Bella just as dearly and had loved Mokihonolulu, who went to RainbowBridge.  It was an interesting  journey for me to bring a second French Bichon Frisé puppy home to our resident adult and into our hearts and that is what I wanted to share with everyone today.

For years our clients have been purchasing two, three and even four Bichons fromFrance at one time.  InFrance, by now, some of our French clients have returned for their sixth pup during our 35 years of breeding excellence. Here in America, other clients have come back to us two, three even four years later and told us they wanted to add a second or third or fifth Authentic Bichon fromFrance into their hearts and their home.  We frequently get updates from these clients along with pictures and greeting cards during the holidays and wow it really hit me what Great Fun they are having with two or three or even four Bichons in their lives!

The great happiness that my clients were experiencing really encouraged us to open our heart to a second Authentic French Bichon and WOW are we glad we did!  Reve is the first boy Bichon Frise we have ever owned and what a joy he is!  He is also quite a character the way he follows us around and loves on us.  He is such a little lover we can’t imagine life without all his affection and companionship!  Reve and my Bella get along fabulously and as it turns out they are related as they have the same father, Nokaido, a majestic dog in our kennel inFrance.  After four years we are so happy with our Bichon family and we look forward to many more years of fun and happiness together!

The Monster Eyeball & Pumpkin Head

Well Fall is finally in the air in our neck of the woods and we are all very excited especially my Authentic French Bichons, Bella and Reve.  I’ll let you know why the Bichons are excited in a minute!

We got our Fall decorations for the house out on the first day of Fall on September 23rd but back then we were still having summer temperatures and a lot of rain.  Well, yesterday we had a typical Fall day that was cool and a bit overcast so we broke out all the Halloween decorations and placed them around the house.  Now don’t get me wrong we do not have every nook and cranny packed with Halloween items but a few tasteful items here and there that are just enough to get us in the “Spirit” of the season.


I had picked up two little squeaky toys from PetSmart for my two Bichons.  I got a little Pumpkin toy for my Bella and a little Monster Eyeball for my little boy Bichon Reve.  That is when the fun started!  They loved the toys and started playing with them and checking each other’s toy out to see what the other Bichon had.  We all played with our new toys for what must have been hours and we have not laughed so hard in quite some time!  There is nothing funnier that a beautiful Authentic Bichon from France running around with a little Pumpkin or Eyeball asking you to throw it so they could retrieve it over and over again.  It felt so good to laugh so hard especially in these challenging economic times.  I laughed so hard and long I was more tired than my two Bichons after all the playing.

An evening full of fun and laughter was just what the doctor ordered and we all slept like babies last night! My boy slept right in my arms all night long and my girl slept at my head. I can’t wait till Halloween rolls around as my Bichons always have fun with all the trick or treaters!

And let’s see what costumes my Bichons will be wearing this year….hmmm we’ll see!!  Stay tuned!

French Bichon Dogs Steal the Show Again!

October is here and last weekend inBethlehem,PAnear where we live they had a Harvest Festival Day on Saturday.  The city closes downMain Streetto traffic and all kinds of vendors set up shop.  They had wine and cheese tastings and lots of fruits and produce from local farmers to sample and buy.  Of course there were the other vendors selling everything from hair ribbons to decorator items for the home.  The weather was perfect, sunny with just a little autumn coolness in the air.

I thought what a great chance to walk my Authentic French Bichons!  My French Bichons love to go for walks especially in the city were we meet all kinds of people and even a few dog friends.  Well, it seems that everyone came out for the Harvest Festival as the entire street was packed with people and dogs.  We walked on the sidewalk for a few minutes and even met an American Bichon along the way!  The American Bichon’s owner jumped up at the sight of my two Authentic French Bichons and shouted “MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!”  We stayed and chatted for a bit and she just could not take her eyes off of my French Bichons for the whole time and she remarked again and again and again about how beautiful they looked.

Then we decided to walk right down the middle ofMain Streetand that’s when we really became the Stars of the Day!  All heads were turning to get a look at my Authentic French Bichons from both sides of the street!  Even the vendors stopped there negotiating to take a quick look at my dogs.  We were stopped again and again by young and old alike the entire way downMain Street.  We met so many wonderful new friends and we had such a great time watching the many children run up to pet our two French Bichons.  Bella and Reve just loved all the attention and they are always so happy to meet a new friend whether it is a person or a fellow canine.

If you love to make new friends I can’t think of a better way than walking your Authentic French Bichon in your local town.  Our dogs are so calm and loving and outrageously beautiful that they always attract a crowd of admirers.  Check out all the happy clients and lovely puppies throughout our website and you can see for yourself the excellent features and supreme beauty that our Authentic French Bichons provide their luck owners!

Miniature Bichon Frise Puppies Just Born

I just wanted to let everyone know that I just got back fromFrancewith the most beautiful Authentic French Miniature Bichon Frise puppies. They are SOO CUTE and adorable! I had a marvelous time inFranceas usual and made a quick side trip toBurgundyfor some delicious food and wine.Franceis enjoying Fall weather right now but it was a little warmer there than here in the Northeastern United States. InFrancethey also don’t get the vivid colors we experience with the changing colors of our trees. It is much more muted with shades of tan, brown and yellow mostly without the reds and oranges we see in our area.

Well, after our little tour it was off to see our Master Bichon Frise Breeder and my partner Tony at his lovely home on the hillside. He was so pleased to see me and welcomed us into his house to meet the puppies. It is always an exciting moment to meet our newest little Bichon Frise puppies. As always each and every one of these Miniature Bichon Frise dogs is strikingly beautiful. I just stand there in awe for a moment before I reach down to grab a little Bichon and give him or her a great big American hug. After inspecting each puppy carefully with the breeder we sat down and chatted for a bit. It turns out that he just had another litter born that he was currently caring for night and day. These little Authentic French Bichon Frise puppies for sale are looking for some good homes and are available for mid-December delivery. I asked if we could see them and he went and retrieved two of them for us to meet. Oh my goodness they were so petite, so calm and so adorable I could not believe it! Check out this very rare picture of our newest Authentic French Bichon Frise puppies available in December:

Are they not the most adorable Bichon puppies in the world! And each French Bichon grows up to become even more beautiful over time. What a great time we had inFranceand the chance to see the petite baby Bichons was really an honor and a privilege. If you or anybody you know is interested in owning one of our exquisite Authentic Bichons fromFranceplease contact me ASAP as the slots are filling up quickly! December is a magical time of year to welcome a new French Bichon puppy into your life! Phone 610-262-1142 or click above to complete our Adoption Application!

The Psychosocial Effects of Living with a Bichon Frisé

According to John Bradshaw’s Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You A Better Friend to Your Pet, today’s veterinarians teach their clients the importance of a pet ownership to a family, and the extent to which familes benefit from the psychological effects of living with a companion animal. The unconditional love and companionship of a Bichon Frisé is highly comforting during stressful periods of people’s lives making them one of the top recommended companion dogs to own. Studies have shown that owning a companion dog helps to protect us against depression and loneliness. Elderly women living alone and college age women score high for experiencing less loneliness with a loving companion pet like the Bichon Frise, too. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease also benefit greatly from a companion animal. Elderly people owning dogs show less frequency of medical visits to doctors, suggesting that dog ownership is a buffer against their life’s stresses.

Companion dog ownership also allows for social interactions with other people and for people with few friends, they provide a terrific way to meet other people while in public. Even one person with a dog is considered to have ‘a family unit.’ The Bichon Frisé always provides us with a warm greeting and recognition when we come home. The motivating role animals play in preventing depression is astounding because most people who have a dog, decide to get outdoors and walk them. Some even take them into nursing homes to offer comfort to others, which in turn, gives satisfaction to the dog owner. We benefit from nurturing them. Without a pet like the Bichon Frisé, these people would otherwise be less involved and engaged and stay indoors even to the point of depression.

It is proven that the daily comfort, socialization and motivation offered by a loving companion like the Bichon Frise also gives us heart benefits. Blood pressure decreases when a person interacts with their dog. Cardiovascular measures were better amongst pet owners than non-pet owners in a large Australian study. Two studies indicated that pet ownership was related to decreased mortality rates amongst pet owners. Recently, survival for one year following a heart attack was found to be more likely among people with companion dogs, such as the Bichon Frisé, and human social support. Overall our loving companion pets like the Bichon Frise not only lift our spirits but they help us live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives!

How to Photograph your Dog

First of all,  you need a camera. That’s pretty easy today as we all have smart phones. But an SLR camera is still going to give you the best quality photos. Just be sure you have a camera.

Second, you are going to need to go low. Crouch down or lay on the ground if you must, but you must get down to the level of the dog. Place the camera on the ground and flip the little timer, if you have that feature. They get used to being photographed like this so they won’t get spooked.

Third, get outdoors. Some of the most beautiful photos we have taken throughout the years have come from having natural backgrounds like flowers, stone walls, architecture, blue skies, posing on the sidewalk, etc. Indoors, flash is often needed and that leads to red-eye which is undesirable. Natural morning sunlight is the best, your photo will have a natural glow to them.

Fourth, Follow your dog around and wait for the Kodak moments to present themselves. He’s not going to know what you are doing so try to get some natural shots of him. Rolling in the grass with all fours in the air, his fur blowing in the wind, running, chasing, digging, etc.

Photos with other dogs are always real good and also with people. So that’s about it. These tips have always worked for us. Let us know if you tried any of them. Here are some outdoor photos from through the years.