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Does the Bichon Frisé dog get benefits from Fish Oil Supplements?

For dog nutrition, fish oil is as good for little dogs and big dogs as it is for humans. Adding fish oil to your Bichon Frisé’s diet has anti-inflammatory benefits as much as it does for humans. In fact, the list of health benefits from dogs taking supplements such as Omegas is long, including increased circulation, relief from the itchies and arthritis pain, etc. We have seen it increase Bichon Frise fur density by about 20%. Our incredibly thick fur on our Authentic French Bichon Frisé just got thicker! How can that be?

You could find fish oil designed for small companion animals like the Bichon Frisé in the pet section of your Vitamin shop and all over the internet. Dr.’s Fosters & Smith offers it, too. Any nutritionist will tell you that Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is the best oil you could take and that is why we give it to our fine dogs.

How should I store Fish oil liquid or gelcaps? Storage of both liquid fish oil and gel pills could be tricky so do your research. It tends to turn rancid if not used within a reasonable period of time. Rancid oil causes tummy pain so buy small portions or cut open your own fish oil gelcaps open to share with your Bichon Frisé puppy dog.

Dogs with skin allergies need differing doses of Omega-6’s but before dosing any animal with any Omegas, talk to your Vet for specific doses. Our French Bichons have NO health allergies or conditions, we give them Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for general health maintenance and they love it! As soon as we place the bowls, the dog food gets eaten.