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Dog Walking in Downtown Bethlehem, PA

According to instinct, birds fly, elephants roam and a dog, as an animal, is a natural walker. Walking your dog is an important ritual in keeping him mentally stable. It’s important to walk your dog in order to release its mental and physical energy and keep him/her in overall sound condition.  Expending his energy will also make him sleep well through the night. Sleeping through the night is especially important for puppies that have boundless energy. Start walking your new puppy right away and not only will they learn to love to walk on a leash but they will have a more restful sleep!

Walking our French Bichons is always very eventful and we have our preferences for where to walk. I love to walk our French Bichons onMain Streetin downtown Historical Bethlehem; it is a busy shopping street with ample shade, benches and dog friendly cafés.  Many store owners put water bowls out for the dogs and all the buildings and streets are well maintained, similar to a proper little European village. I can expect to meet many chic people who stop to chat, and who appreciate and admire our fine French Bichons.

Walking our French Bichons where there are lots of people allows our dogs and ourselves boundless attention. Our chic French Bichons act as ice breakers for people to approach us and boy do they ever! We could expect to talk with more than two dozen passers-by on each walk. I can’t tell who enjoys the attention more…me or our dogs…or the passers-by!

I never saw so many dogs parading onMain Streetbefore as after a recent holiday parade. I counted about 100 dogs in that parade and it was a warm and sunny day so many of the dog owners were hanging out and talking that day. We saw many breed types passing by as we had gathered at a nearby café. Our dogs were so happy to say ‘hello’ as each passed by our table!

French Bichons are very gentle, calm and curious; they love to sniff baby carriages and greet other dogs along the way. In fact, they greet everyone as though they have known them for a long time. These dogs have very favorable, happy temperaments.

Walking downtown is such a great, proper social event that our dogs and I really enjoy. But they could need to do their business so be sure you take your supplies like a Ziploc bag.  Place the bag over your hand inside-out, pick up what you need and turn the bag right side out, seal it and deposit it in the nearest trash can. So get up and get out and take a walk with your best four legged friend…….I know they and you and will enjoy it!