Nothing Is Better Than The Original!


What makes an Authentic French Bichon Frise so special?

Just read over our testimonials and look at our photo gallery and videos of our happy customers and that will show you the incredible happiness we have been providing to customers just like you! The lineage of 45 champions coming from World, International and National shows goes into each and every gorgeous world class puppy that we breed. As a result, you are ensured a top quality pedigree, based on 40 years of sound Bichon Frise dog breeding practices, offering top quality health, sound temperament and the added bonus of superior beauty and up to 20 years of longevity.

We are consistently producing miniature, smaller size Bichons that some people incorrectly call teacup Bichons, ours come in at half the size of the American Bichon… the chic, petite preferable size desired by Bichon fanciers, that only a Master Dog Breeder is able to attain consistently. When we say miniature, we mean that our dogs are bred to the small side of the standard, an important and rare element of success for a Bichon Frise Breeder.

Please note that a teacup Bichon is a Bichon that is too small (measuring smaller than the height specified in the standard) and is not a real Bichon and is termed “poor breeding.” Trying to produce a teacup Bichon is trying to produce a non-standard size Bichon and is not recommended by any reputable breeder anywhere; producing this incorrect size is further always bred by a hobby breeder without any high level breeding expertise and  often having little or no show credentials.

WARNING: Buying a Bichon that is TOO SMALL and not conforming to the breed standard will often result is severe health problems for the animal and a shortened life. Let’s make it clear—ours are bred on the small side of the standard according to spec, as close as we can get them and weighs most times close to 8 pounds. TOPS!

 What is the French standard for a Bichon Frisé?

Except for a couple of small details, the US and French standards are similar. It is understood that the Bichon Frisé is not an American dog–it’s a dog of French-Belgian origin and for this reason, the better or best quality Bichon Frisé dogs are found in those countries. These original lines are untainted, free from the costly health problems we see in the American dogs. There is nothing better than the original!

Despite the similar breed standards between the Authentic French Bichon and the American Bichon, the American Bichons today are said to be bred with poodles and it’s very hard to find an American Bichon with true Bichon genes and a correct state of health. If I have to say the one thing that most knowledgeable callers comment on, it’s to say that they do not see beautiful Bichons in the US that look like they conform to the breed standard. Indeed they are virtually impossible to find anymore and that’s why they call us! Don’t settle for less!

How does a Master Breeder differ from a standard breeder?

A Master Breeder is a formal title EARNED AND AWARDED TO BREEDERS (not given) in Europe whose bloodlines and breeding quality exceed what a standard breeder can produce. A Master Breeder maintains superiority in his/her bloodlines, in their industry. In this case, we produce and maintain some of the most highly recognized bloodlines world-wide for Bichon Frise as the industry is international and that is why people come from, as far as Hong Kong and from all over the world for our fine Bichon Frise champion specimens.

What are the advantages of taking two Authentic French Bichon Puppies right now?

60% of our clients take two at a time and those Bichon dogs are known to live longer. This is because Bichons are companion animals and in an optimal canine lifestyle, companion animals should have each other, not only their human pack. Two Bichon puppies from the same litter will offer each other company, keep each other occupied when you are not home (natural babysitting element), play more, exercise (run) more, eat together and sleep together. These dogs will live longer as a result of this natural bond and companionship. These dogs learn through observation of the other and they have follow-the-leader mentality making potty training two Bichon Frise a snap! A pair of Bichons are said to have better mental and physical health over time. It’s the same for humans! Right now you have the power to choose two (or more) from the same puppy litter!

How easy is it to potty train an Authentic French Bichon puppy?

Due to the calm temperaments and intelligence of our miniature puppies, we expect you to potty train them in as little as one to two weeks time. The rest is reinforcement. Your adopted puppy is perfectly paper trained and that is 50% of the potty training work done for you already. If you live in a high rise or condominium where you will not be taking the dog outside to do its duty, then consider your dog fully potty trained on pick-up day. All you need is a service area and wee wee pads and the puppy will go there to do its duty from the day you bring him/her home. We consistently hear one or both pups start doing ALL their business outside and begin using the bell to go potty outdoors in the first week. This is a tremendous advantage to own a puppy like this.

How do I pick up my puppy?

A reputable puppy breeder service will never ship a petite puppy anywhere. Retrieval is just a day out of the life and most people fly or drive to our home and we offer quite a memorable experience! For those who are flying in, we are located 1.5 hrs from Newark Liberty International and JFK airports, 1.5 hrs from Philadelphia International airport and just 10 minutes from ABE/LVIA International (local airport). We have a shuttle service that will pick you up from your hotel or airport, and transport you to our home, where you will be very well received. After one hour, the driver will transport you back to the airport with your puppy carrier containing your new French puppy for boarding. We have hotel and restaurant recommendations, too.

For the people who drive, you simply use your GPS or use our handy Google Maps feature on our Contact Page. You will be very well received in our home. We offer recommendations for hotels and restaurants.

Many customers have told us that pick-up day at our home was the highlight of their purchase and were so pleased to have the “personal touch” that we offer. A day you will remember and treasure for many years to come!

“But I don’t need a show quality puppy, we just want a pet!”

It is very often missed by people not taking enough time to research how to buy a puppy, that a proper breed standard Bichon Frise puppy is a well bred PET puppy. Anything less will not measure up and can come with behavioral and health problems which is #1 reason people put their dogs in shelters. This is where sound healthy genes come from! With our service, well bred PET puppies are the direct result of 40 years of dog breeding excellence. You cannot see health quality, but what’s inside matters in the long run and it WILL save you money and headaches.

“But I can’t afford the cost of your Bichon puppy, I just want a regular dog”

If you purchase a puppy, bred under inferior practices, you need to know that potentially you risk spending thousands of dollars in veterinarian and behavioral problems. Therefore it will effectively cost that beyond the well bred pet. Health care costs are high enough for healthy canines; ask yourself, “Can I afford to risk paying huge Vet bills for an unhealthy Bichon dog? Do I want to suffer through behavioral problems? ” The Authentic French Miniature Bichon offers value and longevity with little probability of any health or behavioral problems!

When should I order my puppy?

Due to the popularity of our top mini Bichons, our puppies are reserved before they’re even born. Therefore, we suggest you call one to six months in advance. We post upcoming litters on our website and the schedule is constantly updated to assist you in planning your new family member. To be sure that we can accommodate you, always call as early as possible to make your reservation. You’ll be glad you did!

Will you deliver my puppy?

Yes, we offer delivery service nationwide USA and it’s quite a convenience! Each delivery is based on distance and days displaced. All travel expenses are reimbursed by the customer.
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