Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

French Bichon Dogs Steal the Show Again!

October is here and last weekend inBethlehem,PAnear where we live they had a Harvest Festival Day on Saturday.  The city closes downMain Streetto traffic and all kinds of vendors set up shop.  They had wine and cheese tastings and lots of fruits and produce from local farmers to sample and buy.  Of course there were the other vendors selling everything from hair ribbons to decorator items for the home.  The weather was perfect, sunny with just a little autumn coolness in the air.

I thought what a great chance to walk my Authentic French Bichons!  My French Bichons love to go for walks especially in the city were we meet all kinds of people and even a few dog friends.  Well, it seems that everyone came out for the Harvest Festival as the entire street was packed with people and dogs.  We walked on the sidewalk for a few minutes and even met an American Bichon along the way!  The American Bichon’s owner jumped up at the sight of my two Authentic French Bichons and shouted “MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!”  We stayed and chatted for a bit and she just could not take her eyes off of my French Bichons for the whole time and she remarked again and again and again about how beautiful they looked.

Then we decided to walk right down the middle ofMain Streetand that’s when we really became the Stars of the Day!  All heads were turning to get a look at my Authentic French Bichons from both sides of the street!  Even the vendors stopped there negotiating to take a quick look at my dogs.  We were stopped again and again by young and old alike the entire way downMain Street.  We met so many wonderful new friends and we had such a great time watching the many children run up to pet our two French Bichons.  Bella and Reve just loved all the attention and they are always so happy to meet a new friend whether it is a person or a fellow canine.

If you love to make new friends I can’t think of a better way than walking your Authentic French Bichon in your local town.  Our dogs are so calm and loving and outrageously beautiful that they always attract a crowd of admirers.  Check out all the happy clients and lovely puppies throughout our website and you can see for yourself the excellent features and supreme beauty that our Authentic French Bichons provide their luck owners!