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How to Photograph your Dog

First of all,  you need a camera. That’s pretty easy today as we all have smart phones. But an SLR camera is still going to give you the best quality photos. Just be sure you have a camera.

Second, you are going to need to go low. Crouch down or lay on the ground if you must, but you must get down to the level of the dog. Place the camera on the ground and flip the little timer, if you have that feature. They get used to being photographed like this so they won’t get spooked.

Third, get outdoors. Some of the most beautiful photos we have taken throughout the years have come from having natural backgrounds like flowers, stone walls, architecture, blue skies, posing on the sidewalk, etc. Indoors, flash is often needed and that leads to red-eye which is undesirable. Natural morning sunlight is the best, your photo will have a natural glow to them.

Fourth, Follow your dog around and wait for the Kodak moments to present themselves. He’s not going to know what you are doing so try to get some natural shots of him. Rolling in the grass with all fours in the air, his fur blowing in the wind, running, chasing, digging, etc.

Photos with other dogs are always real good and also with people. So that’s about it. These tips have always worked for us. Let us know if you tried any of them. Here are some outdoor photos from through the years.