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Master Breeder

A Family History of Master Breeders, Master Handlers and Master Groomer

Our passion for the Bichon Frise Breed goes back to the early 1980’s when we purchased our very first Bichon Frisé puppy for a family pet. We named him Cupidon. We had him evaluated at his first show when he was just a year old. The judges rendered their decision to me – “Excellent . . . providing merit to the Breed!” We loved the sport and the judges encouraged us to take him to more shows. Through training and dedication, he became an International Champion, Elite A. He was a very handsome confident dog with unmatched charisma in and out of the ring. Although he went to Rainbow Bridge years ago, he will always be close to us, at heart.

Also in the early 80’s, we had another little dog named Cendrillon that we also showed. She had made several Excellent 1st’s, CACIB, CACS. We had our first litter and we kept for ourselves the very best female, named Eve du Mas de Mercués. Eve, who competed in numerous shows became Recommended, Champion of France and Champion International. By this time my wife became a professional groomer and handled all our Show Preparations. Show preparation is a lot of work and it takes her one full day to prepare three of the dogs for the ring.

We traveled all over Western Europe by train to the major shows and our Bichon show dogs really enjoyed being shown as much as we enjoyed the sport. We decided to purchase another male Bichon Frise puppy, Goldfinger, who went on to become Champion (CH) of France, CH of Switzerland, CH of Monaco and Vice Champion of the World, Elite A. From his first litter, we retained the best female.

From a litter of Cupidon and Cendrillon came the male that my son named Guignol du Mas de Mercués. Guignol attained his Championship of France. We placed Eve with Goldfinger to obtain Higgins du Mas des Mercués. Higgins was equally charming, and as a result very successful in all his shows. He immediately took the Championship of France; after nationals, he became an International Champion and Champion of Monaco. We had many lovely Bichons including Nokaido and by 2001, he too was titled Champion of France.

In 2007, we obtained another world class male, Azurs Honorable Man, who was immediately titled Champion of France and he captured several Best in Breed titles straight away and continues to capture BOB titles (career total, 10), at each show entered since puppy class through his International Certificate.  He is derived from the finest breeding stock in the world and in 2009; he was named the Grand Champion of France—the Best Bichon Frisé Champion Overall in France. He held that title for a couple years and was undefeatable, always winning, with Premiere Excellence and Best of Breed. He has natural merit and beauty and performs “TOPS” at every show that we attend. He offers 26 multi-tier champions in his immediate background, some of which have titled up to 55 times Best of Breed, along with multiple Best in Show titles while others in his pedigree are some of the biggest show Bichons of Europe and of the World. His multi-champion line  offspring are indeed some of the finest quality examples, within the Bichon Frise Standard, in the world today. Therefore, each puppy’s pedigree contains a combined total, from Mama’s side and Papa’s side, of approximately 45 prestigious multi-champion line Bichon Frise champions.

During the past 35+ years, we are proud to say, that we have received many awards from multiple organizations for our years of quality contribution and dedication to the Breed, as a Bichon Frise Dog Breeder. Having much respect for the Breed and the Bichon Club de France, which we helped to pioneer years ago, it was during this time that we began to be recognized internationally as Master Breeders and Master Handlers and were featured in numerous articles. (A Master Breeder is one who maintains superior bloodlines in his/her industry.) We remind you the Bichon Frise industry is world-wide and we serve dog owners from as far as Hong Kong!

It is from this multi-champion line that we are pleased to offer you the prettiest World Class Bichon Frise puppies. Our Bichon Frise dogs grow toward an adult size of 26-27cm in height (10 ¼ – 10 ½ inches), the petite size, considered to be an important element of success within the Standard of our Breed.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to experience the love and companionship of our exquisite French Bichon Frises.

With Sentiment, The Codino Family


All Litters bred are issued under Multi-Champion Classification and Vice Champion of the World Berne 1994.

Some Males in Our Pedigree

Pablo de la Buthiere Champion of the World
Cupidon des Poupons Frisés Champion International. Elite A.
Davylus Kipper Too Vice Champion of the World.Elite A. CH France, CH Monaco, CH Switzerland, CH Belgium. CH Luxembourg. CH International.
Goldfinder Davylus des deux Bergéres CH France, CH International. CH Monaco. CH Switzerland. Vice Champion of World Berne 1994. Elite A. Recommended
Higgins du Mas de Mercués CH France. CH International. CH Monaco. Recommended.
Nokaido CH France 2001. Recommended.

Some Females in Our Pedigree

Gipsy du Mas de Mercués CH France & Recommended. CH Monaco. CH International & Recommended.
Idylle du Mas de Mercués CH France. CH International. Recommended.
Love Me du Mas de Mercués CH International for Beauty
Eve du Mas de Mercués Recommended. CH of France and International