Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Price of a Bichon Frise puppy

The price of a Bichon Frise puppy can vary considerably, depending on the overall quality of breeding, quality of genes, age of bloodlines, origin of breeding stock, skill in breeding and investment to make sure the breeder always has the best possible breeding stock.

Photo: Above photo shows award, “Top Bichon Frisé 2009.”

Some Dog Breeders have invested substantially in veterinary supervision and others have invested in extensive testing, to pin-point their health problems in their lines, which in turn increases the cost and YOUR price of their puppies but doesn’t guarantee years of sound health nor longevity.  Breeders do genetic testing because they are well aware of problems in their lines. We are so proud of our clean lines and we celebrate along with our clients each and every day that our dogs are so healthy. Chi-Ching! Chi-Ching! It equates to years and years of savings at the Veterinarian.

Our Old bloodlines give us a greater chance to ensure that the puppies being produced are sound and healthy. Old bloodlines also produce consistency within a litter, a mark of extremely high quality breeding. When you line up all the puppies in a litter and they look identical, like our litters look, it marks an important level of breeding quality only a Master can achieve. Each of our puppies are the same size, too and you are not easily able to discern a male from a female. It almost always takes trained eye to tell the difference. The same is true for the adults: Buy two and when they grow to adulthood, you still will not be able to tell the difference easily, and this is where it is helpful to rely on your different color collars.  I can count on mistaking our dogs’ identities about three times a day.

A Master Breeder is a formal title given out in France to label top quality dog breeders. In the photos above, we have bred CUPID and he became the Grand Champion Bichon Frise in all of France. CUPID went onto to be undefeated two more years, too. Our Bichon Frise puppies are bred by a Master Breeder, who has invested half his life making sure our world class champion Bichon Frise lines remain on top, worldwide. We proudly serve the first time and serious Bichon Frise fanciers.