Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

New Puppy Info

Buyer Beware!

It is very important that you always see a puppy’s Pedigree before your purchase and please note that AKC papers in no way signify the quality of a dog, be it superior or inferior. In fact, anyone can register any litter with the AKC. We strongly recommend that all puppy buyers research the Breed AND the Pedigree, so they can make the right choice from the start, in order to avoid what could develop into costly health situations and veterinarian nightmares, in the years to come.

Shown right,  Client Dusty Hill, Bass Player/Founder of ZZ Top Rock-n-Roll Band with Dollie, his first of two Authentic  French Bichons!

Your Exclusive Living Treasure

We place into good homes, the rarest Best Quality, Mini-Size, Bichon Frise available in the US market. Our Mini-Size Bichon pets approximate a height of 10.2 to 10.6 inches and a weight of 8-10 lbs at 1 1/2 years. Our original French Bichon dogs for sale are bred by the family of Mr. Antonin Codino’s Elevage du Mas de Mércues, a well published and well respected champion Master breeder, in France. Each one is hand carried to America safely aboard the cabin of the aircraft. Mr. Codino and Family are well known around the world for their Excellence in Puppy Breeding/Showing and for their Multi-Champion Dog Lines. Again, all dogs by 1 1/2 years, will develop some fault and there is no such thing as a perfect puppy, this includes show dogs! All of our puppies are placed as pets into good homes, where we believe that their needs will be met for life.


Shown left,  Paris Hilton posing with Authentic French Bichon HUGO and Client, Jackson Vroman, Professional Athlete

By now you know we specialize in the adorable, mini-size Bichon Frise. These small dogs travel exceptionally well due to their portable size and your Bichon Frise Dog will be able to accompany you comfortably just about anywhere. Our rare miniature Bichon Frise love to nestle inside a chic shoulder tote for Shopping outings, stops at the Cafés and other dog friendly venues, where they are often treated like Royalty. Many are amazed that our French Bichon Frise adult dogs enter into public places in a shoulder tote, often times unnoticed. This is a direct result of our well bred puppy with an amazing sound temperament. A ten pound miniature Bichon Frise permits convenient travel, even aboard the cabin of an aircraft, via your tote.

Our Original French Bichon Frise conform to the Original Bichon Frise Breed Standard established by France and Belgium many years ago; the exact standard that all countries follow today. Each Puppy is personally and selectively chosen, “the pick of the litter”, according to the strictest Quality guidelines for entry to the US.

FACT: The French Bichon Frise outlives its American cousins by an average of two years due its clean, long lineage. Spaying your female Bichon puppy at six months of age gains you and extra year of life to love her.

The Original, The Best of the Best Bichon Frise, available in the US EXCLUSIVELY via this Service!
Your Pet Contract

Your World Class French Bichon Puppy will arrive with a Passport containing Two Health Guarantees (guaranteeing against sudden death up to age 1 and guaranteeing against contagious illness at pick-up time), Dual Registration, Pedigree (in French), Health Certification (in French), Starter Care Kit, Vaccinations (in French) and all finery typical to a good pet. Our Champs (parents) are FCI (OFA) Certified and the entire line are LOF Certified and are free of health problems prevalent to the breed.  Your Pet Contract includes a spay-neuter requirement. All health care, training, responsibilities and privileges are the owner’s. We follow your Baby closely for the first month and to one year of age, if needed. You are provided the best knowledge and counseling on nutrition, grooming and training for your Bichon Frise while you wait for your puppy and through Care Sheets and again on pick-up day; you are strongly encouraged to purchase a couple books on the breed to do your part of the preparation, you could call us anytime during the life of your Authentic French Bichon, many of which live up to 20 years. Your puppy will grow into an adult around three (3) years of age, and keeping in mind that a growing puppy is impossible to judge, by even experts, so you should consider the entire dog at around 1 1/2 years, to appreciate its real beauty. You should not attempt to judge a puppy prior to it being full grown, as you are not seeing the final result.


Most Clients just want a healthy Bichon pet and we understand from all of our Clients, that the wait is well worth it! Breeding cycles may require a waiting period therefore, reservations are necessary as far in advance as possible. Simply contact us with your Application NOW!


Kindly contact us with your reservation for  your Authentic French Bichon from France. Your deposit of $2,600 holds an imported, gorgeous and prestigious world class French Bichon puppy for sale in your name; the balance of $2,600 is due upon pick-up or delivery day.

We offer convenient payment options to make an Original Best Quality Pet Bichon Frise from France, with its multi-champion lineage, the petite size, affordable to all.  We accept payments in Cash, Certified Check, Bank Order or Money Order. Contact us for more information about payment options. Keep in mind, you are not only paying for the puppy, you are paying for healthy genes you cannot see, a cushion against any future costly veterinarian bills during your Bichon’s life.

Application Process

The application assists us in providing you with the great service you deserve. We have the resources to ensure we know our Clients well. No jumping through hoops to obtain your original Bichon Frisé… just great service and perfectly bred authentic French Bichon Frisés, from a well known, reputable Dog Breeder of the highest standards. The proof is in the pudding, shall we say. Occasionally, we have refused our babies to prospective clients, for various reasons, which is within our legal right to do so. A great dog breeder will ask you a lot of questions and some our questions may be quite personal. This ensures our dogs for sale go to the right homes.

Contact us for more information and complete your Application NOW!

Bringing Your New Bichon Pet Puppy Home

Transportation is simply a logistical detail and a natural part of retrieving your authentic French Bichon. Due to the exclusivity and fragility of a tiny puppy, we do not ship. Our dogs are hand-carried only and we have found that most Clients prefer to pick-up their newly adopted puppy at our home in Bethlehem, PA. Others prefer that we deliver the puppy directly to their home. Click here to inquire about our availability. For clients located near the west coast or other far regions, we arrange personal delivery to those remote areas annually. Please contact us about the waiting lists for regions outside of the northeastern USA.

Calm Sound Temperament

In the dog world, the Bichon Frise is one of the most amiable, they can be equally at home with children and the elderly. Truly a dog for all ages! A Bichon is also a dog of the highest grade of all known Personality Dogs. They are loving, attentive and intelligent; the miniature Bichon puppy recognizes and identifies rapidly with its new family entourage of care-givers and learns its place naturally amongst all other pet dogs within the environment.

While this can be a volatile situation for many breeds, due to the stable temperament and socialization process of our Bichon Frisé bred by our Master Breeders, they do not show any aggression, shyness, fearfulness nor defensiveness as adults. In fact, our miniature Bichon puppies are very calm and mentally stable, making potty training a success within one to two weeks, when the Client spends the time at home for correct puppy training. We recommend that the socialization process continue during puppyhood to ensure that any puppy dog knows its place, in private and public, early on. Bichon Frisé do well in Agility Trials and make natural therapy dogs for Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers, due to their loving personalities.

For a perfect integration into the family, the most adorable puppy needs a good education and constant supervision when not in its crate or playpen. This is part of Bichon Frise training. We are here to guide you through that process. For all individual needs (tranquility, love, sport, family, therapy dog, etc.) a Bichon Frise dog complements your every need and lifestyle.

Esthetique, Social Butterflies

While promenading in public, they often act as a social ice-breaker for conversation with passers-by, who often stop in their tracks to admire their floating movement and their happy personality, which makes a Bichon a Bichon. When you see a Best Quality Pet Bichon, you should see a well-balanced dog of style and elegance, which freely and correctly moves, they are strong and proud in true Bichon style.

Care, Grooming & Maintenance

Most likely you’ve researched the Bichon Frise breed well enough to know that Bichons require consistent grooming and maintenance. While most Bichon Potty training can take up to eight months and requires the utmost patience, our puppies usually train in about a week or two due to their education they have received in the first two months. While the Bichon Frisé coat does not shed, it does knot or matte if not maintained. Its coat requires regular bathing, trimming and grooming. Due to the high quality fur texture on our adult Bichons, we recommend he/she be combed/brushed simply two (2) times per week. Bathing could vary from monthly to weekly, depending on your level of Esthetique. We recommend regular visits to the dog groomer to maintain its beautiful, soft white coat for which it is so famous for around the world. We also provide suggestions on how to groom your Bichon Frise.

Our Bichon Frisé fur is so soft that after a good dig in the garden it may simply be brushed to return it to its clean and pure white condition. This is mainly due to the fineness of the fur of our Bichons, unlike some of the wiry, curly coated Bichons we have seen promenading about in America. Your adult French Miniature Bichon will not show any elements of a poor quality coat. Expect the best!

Our Care Sheets and open communication are here to guide you through all nutritional care, potty training, socialization and maintenance and grooming requirements for your Baby’s ultimate health and well being. We follow your puppy’s health, care and maintenance right through adolescence to adulthood and onto old age!

With your purchase you have unlimited access to us with any of your questions. We work hard to ensure our Clientele gets the world class pet along with world class service you deserve.

Other Services

Breeding Contracts

We welcome reputable Bichon Frise breeders who wish to maintain or enhance their breeding stock. We also encourage the sport of showing and it is highly likely, with some hard work and dedication, you will find immediate success in the ring. Should you choose to breed your Champion Bichon, the limited registration may be lifted. Show quality puppies around six or seven months are placed, priced accordingly, with no guarantee of championship, consistent with the notion that showing is a sport conditional upon not only the dog but the expertise of the handler, trainer and show manager as well. We aren’t writing any show contracts presently.
Please contact us for more information.

Ring-Ready Bichon Frisés

Some Clients seek a show-ready Bichon Frisé. While these services are beyond the scope of this pet website, our Expert Handler and Master Puppy Breeder, Tony, conditions your puppy to be show-ready by six months of age … in a way that only a Frenchman could train a dog of French origin. We are confident in announcing an 80% probability that your expert-trained Bichon Frisé will attain their championship(s) with our prep services, but we do not guarantee your success in the show ring, because there are too many variables involved in choosing the right handler, etc. Also this Bichon is bred as close as possible to French specification, the international breed standard that the AKC does not recognize, so it is unclear whether you may show this French dog in a US show ring. We are not offering this service at present however some puppies will develop into show quality adult dogs and are placed as “pets” along with the rest and we do not render opinions on any puppy we place.
Please contact us for more information.

Domestic & International Delivery Service

Will You Deliver my Puppy?

Yes, we offer delivery service to all points within the Continental United States making purchase quite convenient! Delivery fees apply and all travel expenses are paid by the customer.

We also offer delivery service (read below for logistics) to various geographical regions outside the Continental United States for international clients including:

♦ Asia & the Pacific Rim
♦ South America
♦ Central America & the Caribbean
♦ Canada

West Coast USA, Asia and the Pacific Rim

We offer delivery to California for domestic and foreign clients desiring pick-up on the West Coast. We Welcome Asia and the Pacific Rim Countries! Delivery service to Asia and the Pacific Rim is also available. We will happily assist with any foreign quarantine and customs regulations. A waiting list may apply. Call Today!

Southern USA & South America

We offer delivery to Dallas, Texas for domestic and foreign clients desiring pick-up in the southern region of the US. We Welcome all South American Countries and Mexico! We assist with any foreign quarantine and customs regulations. A waiting list may apply. Call Today!

Central America and the Caribbean

We offer delivery to Miami, Florida for domestic and foreign clients desiring pick-up in Florida. We Welcome Central America and ALL Caribbean countries. Delivery service to Central America and ALL Caribbean countries is also available. We assist with any foreign quarantine and customs regulations. A waiting list may apply. Call Today!


We offer delivery to Canada for our Canadian customers. Delivery points vary and a waiting list may apply. We assist with customs regulations. Call Today!