Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Television Dog Actor, Sammy, appears on Animal Planet’s Pup Culture

Recently Sammy was selected to appear in Animal Planet’s 2012 year end edition of Pup Culture! Brave, television dog star Sammy played the Mars Rover Curiosity that landed on Mars in August 2012. It was certainly one of the most important milestones of 2012 and a fantastic television dog acting experience for our Sammy.

On the show that aired December 21st,  dog actor Sammy was shown in his blinking space suit being lowered to the Martian surface ever so carefully just like the Mars Rover that landed that year. After landing, Sammy explores the surface of the “Red Planet” for life, for several minutes.  Instead of finding life, he finds dog treats scattered on the set. What a brave French Bichon Frisé daring to go where no French Bichon Frisé has gone before!

What does it take to be a dog Star? Producers are looking for beautiful, unusual dogs. Let’s face it, the taco bell dog is way overdone and it seems everyone’s got one.  The exotic Authentic French Bichon Frisé is a rare dog in the United States and so strikingly elegant. Your agent should let you know what the producer needs for the shoot and give you a heads up for any behaviors to train, ideally, a few weeks in advance.

Television and movie Producers are always looking for gorgeous, well trained rare puppies and rare dogs such as Authentic French Bichons. Our fine dogs also get careers in modeling for pet supply catalogs as well as for pharmaceutical companies. When you are as beautiful and rare as an Authentic French Bichon, the sky is the limit for professional work!!

Sammy’s proud owners reported being treated like stars during the shooting of the Pup Culture episode. They enjoyed time in the “green room” and were ever so proud of Sammy’s performance as a animal actor. Sammy is truly another Star in the ever increasing Galaxy of the Authentic French Bichon Frisé!