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Summer is Coming. Get Ready!

I just looked out the window and noticed the sun has indeed changed its position again and it is going to continue looking like summer out there. Even though its a little cool out there in the evenings, this is indeed an exciting time of the year, one where dog owners and dog breeders must not overlook the responsibility of planning for the safety of our little Bichon puppies and dogs.

Dogs go to the Veterinarian for emergencies more during the summer than at any other time of the year. Make sure you do not leave your puppies or small dogs unattended in the car. 

Keep plenty of fresh water available for them outside and inside the house. Fresh water keeps us cool and it keeps our dogs’ body temperatures normal, too, so they do not overheat in the sun. Disinfect the drinking bowls and keep them cleaned. Never use a metal bowl as it heats up the water. You don’t drink out of metal, why should your small pet?!

Dogs are family members! If you have a swimming pool, you would never allow a child unattended so be sure to never leave your dogs or puppies unattended! Install a small fence by your back door to keep the pet safe, close to the house and away from the pool. I personally like to watch my Authentic French Bichon Frises when I leave them outside to do their duties. Its okay to introduce your French Bichon Frises to the water but be sure to teach your puppy or dog to swim to the steps should it fall in.

Keep deck and garden gates closed and make sure dogs have their ID’s on their collars and be sure they are micro-chipped, as dogs tend to escape properties during holiday picnics and holiday gatherings more so than at any other time of the year.

Do not let  your pet walk on hot pavements or roads during the  hot summer afternoons as it could burn the pads of your dogs’ paws.

Add your Veterinarian’s phone number to your Contact List in your telephone for emergency access.

As with all family members and as World Class French Bichon Frise dog Breeders, with Champion class Bichon Frise puppies for sale,  safety is always our #1 concern and you, too, could have an accident free season if you make a list of rules and enforce them.