Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

The Bichon Frise Temperament and Children

This post is our Trick or Treat update from Halloween Night!  Check out my two Authentic French Bichons Bella (my female Bichon adult) dressed as a Pumpkin and Reve (my male bichon adult) dressed as a green frog!!  Bella lost her pumpkin hat after about an hour.

They absolutely LOVE Holloween night when all the kids from the neighborhood come to our door.  You can see my two bichon dogs are looking out the window by our front door for the next group of Trick or Treaters.  When they spot the next group of children they leap to get to the front door before the neighborhood kids even have a chance to ring the bell.  Bichons greet the kids with such enthusiasm I wish I had half of their energy!  All the kids and their parents get such a kick out of seeing our two bichons dressed up in costumes for the big night.    

As many of you may know the Bichon Frise puppy, when socialized early on,  is the ideal playmate for young children and old alike.  Given the Bichon’s lively, happy and energetic temperament qualities it easily bonds with children and adults.  Many Bichon Frise Breeders will tell you that the Bichon’s consistent cheerfulness is its most outstanding trait.  Get ready to bask in the LOVE and JOY of owning the very best!

What will your Authentic French Bichon dress up as next year for Holloween??