Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

The Monster Eyeball & Pumpkin Head

Well Fall is finally in the air in our neck of the woods and we are all very excited especially my Authentic French Bichons, Bella and Reve.  I’ll let you know why the Bichons are excited in a minute!

We got our Fall decorations for the house out on the first day of Fall on September 23rd but back then we were still having summer temperatures and a lot of rain.  Well, yesterday we had a typical Fall day that was cool and a bit overcast so we broke out all the Halloween decorations and placed them around the house.  Now don’t get me wrong we do not have every nook and cranny packed with Halloween items but a few tasteful items here and there that are just enough to get us in the “Spirit” of the season.


I had picked up two little squeaky toys from PetSmart for my two Bichons.  I got a little Pumpkin toy for my Bella and a little Monster Eyeball for my little boy Bichon Reve.  That is when the fun started!  They loved the toys and started playing with them and checking each other’s toy out to see what the other Bichon had.  We all played with our new toys for what must have been hours and we have not laughed so hard in quite some time!  There is nothing funnier that a beautiful Authentic Bichon from France running around with a little Pumpkin or Eyeball asking you to throw it so they could retrieve it over and over again.  It felt so good to laugh so hard especially in these challenging economic times.  I laughed so hard and long I was more tired than my two Bichons after all the playing.

An evening full of fun and laughter was just what the doctor ordered and we all slept like babies last night! My boy slept right in my arms all night long and my girl slept at my head. I can’t wait till Halloween rolls around as my Bichons always have fun with all the trick or treaters!

And let’s see what costumes my Bichons will be wearing this year….hmmm we’ll see!!  Stay tuned!