Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

We Dig Customer Feedback!

We love to hear from my customers to see how they and their Authentic French Bichon(s) are getting along! We also love to see beautiful photography and it’s true a picture is worth a thousand words, and some people are particularly good at capturing beauty with a camera.  We hear regularly from a client in Dallas, TXwho purchased a second Bichon from us a while back.  They wrote to tell us again how much they LOVE their two Bichons and how much they liked my new website . She also asked us about introducing another puppy. They sent along more beautiful pictures so we attached one here so you can all see the beauty of our wonderful French Bichons at maturity and how they provide us with years and years of love and companionship. The rest of Arabelle’s and Higgins’ photos could be found in the Adult Photo Gallery.

My heart swelled up and I felt so much joy for their entire family and their two Bichon Frise fromFrance.  If you are thinking about welcoming your first Authentic French Bichon into your heart and home or if you are considering a second or third companion French Bichon Frisé to keep your resident adult Bichons active and going strong into middle and old age, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and giving me a call at 610-262-1142.  First time clients please click and complete our Adoption Application on our website which is found on the green tool bar, accessible on every page.  We look forward to making the dream of owning an Authentic Miniature French Bichon come true for you!