Nothing Is Better Than The Original!

Why Carrots as Treats for Dogs and Puppies?

We love our original, full blooded French puppies and dogs so much that we feed them the best possible nutrition we can offer them. Hopefully, we also do the same for ourselves. That’s where beta carotene and a diet high in anti-oxidants come in. Today’s blog is an old fashioned health tip that is backed by modern science.

Beta carotene is a carotenoid, a chemical essential for good eye health and sight. It’s also important for our dog’s skin and coat. This chemical element gives the lovely coloring to bright yellow, red or orange fruits and vegetables. It is also the precursor to vitamin A, which means our bodies, and those of our loving dogs, make vitamin A out of beta-carotene. It’s the Vitamin A that nourishes our eyes and lack of it causes poor vision. These brightly colored vegetables are also part of a diet that aids in boosting immunity, fighting off free radicals, keeping us healthy and free of illness. Does your dog get enough beta carotene to fight off illness and keep his vision sharp?

While most commercial dog foods have synthetic vitamin A, very few contain beta carotene. Natural beta carotene gets killed in the manufacturing process.  Some manufacturers add yam and carrot to their food to get some of the B-carotene benefits that cannot be covered through vitamin A alone. We supplement our dogs with B-carotene by simply feeding them carrots and other red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables!

Carrots can be chopped, sliced, shredded or given whole, put in their food bowl or given as low-calorie treats throughout the day. Our French Bichon Frisé dogs and puppies love to crunch them. In fact, carrots are their favorite treat and they ask for them first thing every morning.  A teething puppy needs to chew and carrots are a good choice to offer them, too. Even if your pedigree Bichon Frisé puppy cannot chew through a carrot, it gets beta carotene juice in their mouths from sucking and gnawing on them. In fact, our fine world class champion pedigree Bichon Frisé do not get any store bought treats. As a result of munching on crunchy raw carrots and other raw vegetables and fruits, their teeth and breath are kept a whole lot cleaner, naturally, than if they were to eat soft cheese all the time. What’s in your dog diet?