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Women Want Dogs while Men Need Them

In a recent poll, according to Modern Dog, a whopping majority of women said that they preferred the companionship of their dog over that of human males because the dog came closer to their ideal housemate. Sixty percent say dogs are more affectionate than men, 63% say dogs are more loyal than men, 58% say they are more reliable. Forty percent enjoyed that their dog allowed them to watch TV without interruption, 75 percent said they turned to a dog when they felt down. 71% of women said they will not enter into a relationship with anyone who would prevent them from owning a dog to love. This is some real interesting stuff and I am sure many of you agree!
It has been suggested that men are not looking for a perfect companion, but are looking for something more subtle and softer when they seek the companionship of dogs. Men are just as likely as women to pet and stroke their dogs, hold them and kiss them. They are able to show these emotions without inhibition, without feeling any less manly. It’s one of the few areas in life where men feel truly comfortable as nurturers.
Since men generally have greater difficulty expressing emotion in our culture, dogs become even more valuable as sounding boards for them. The comfort dogs give their owners, can be felt anytime the dog is near and the male human never has to bargain for a dog’s affection. Research also showed that if a man is hoping to meet and attract a partner, a dog helped him achieve success.
Women love how interactive the French Bichon Frise is, in fact, many have referred to them as ‘four legged humans’ and once many of them felt that companionship, they acquired more of them in an attempt to maximize those comforts. Clearly, alot of women love their French Bichons since they have the traits they wish their mates had. Men, on the other hand, need a dog such as the French Bichon Frise to provide him the outlet for the expression of love and affection. If a single man walks down the street with a French Bichon, more women will notice him and chances are each of them (women) could be his new true love!!