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Your New Puppy – The Big Day is Almost Here!

Your pick-up day here at the Authentic Bichons fromFranceheadquarters inPennsylvaniais always a very memorable day!  In fact, many clients tell us it was the most exciting day of their entire adoption experience, one they will be sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Before you bring home your tiny French Bichon Frisé pup, it’s important to prepare the home for the puppy’s comfort and safety. Puppies are very curious about everything. Store all household chemicals behind locked cabinetry or move them elsewhere. Raise up houseplants out of puppy’s reach and if they’re on the toxic list, discard them altogether. Unplug, tape or tie up lamp and all other cords and keep puppy out of your computer desk area if at all possible. A puppy’s teeth are razor sharp and they love to chew as they are young and still teething.  Just know that they can sever electronics cords in a matter of seconds.

Once your tiny pup learns that the cheese lives in your refrigerator please pay close attention when you close the refrigerator door. Keep all closet and bedroom doors closed as a tiny pup that is teething loves to chew on leather shoes, a habit he will grow out of upon becoming an adolescent.

Puppy proofing your home also means it’s a great time to get the kids to clean their bedrooms. Temporarily remove any books from lower shelving units. Keep all household doodads out of your new pet’s reach. This includes medicines, pins, paper clips, crayons, etc.

Make sure everyone knows how to properly handle your pet. Emphasize certain rules such as ‘no feeding puppy at the table” and “no bothering the puppy at its mealtime.”  Remember to book your wellness appointment with your Veterinarian.

Finally, on or before pick-up day, set up puppy’s new bowls in the kitchen or service area. Have the recommended dog food handy. Place your crate or exercise pen in the common area and put a throw rug, blanket or pad inside. Don’t forget the small squeaky toys and place your new puppy beds. Pack your travel tote if you’re flying in for your new puppy or prepare the vehicle and re-charge your GPS!

It is important not to overwhelm yourself with how the puppy will adjust. Our French Bichon puppies are so calm, healthy and happy that they will run to the nearest bed to find their new toys and acclimate themselves to your home within a few minutes time. With our well bred, stable, French Bichon Frisé puppy, there is zero transition into the new home.

We look forward to seeing you on your pick-up day soon!!